Carmen De Souza - Attorney Lisbon

Fraud in the Inducement

On  16/11/2016, our company, MX Properties Inc, received a call from our consultant, Mr John  S Diak. Mr Diak called to inform us that our long awaited funding was now in process and that we would be receiving said funds promptly. The only issue was the payment of $11000 for "fees" to complete the transaction. This odd request for payment of "fees" was somewhat concerning to MX. John Diak then told us that we would receive a confirmation letter from the attorney handling the transaction - Ms Carmen De Souza. 

Mr Diak then sent to us a letter dated 16/11/2016 from attorney Carmen De Souza addressed to himself but stated that upon receipt of the $11000 for the "fees", MX would receive its funding "immediately". Though the nature of these "fees" was not disclosed, MX Properties felt comfortable with wiring the requested finds to the coordinates provided by Ms De Souza seeing that the inducement came from an actual attorney. So on 18/11/2016, MX Properties wired the funds for the "fees" to the coordinates it was provided to comply with Ms De Souza's letter. Ms De Souza promptly followed up with another letter dated 18/11/2016 which stated that the "bank" had been "instructed for doing the payments". 

At this point, MX Properties, Inc was quite comfortable that its transaction would finally be completed now that it had complied with Carmen De Souza's demand / inducement letter by wiring the needed funds to cover the mysterious "fees". Several days went by and no funds were received as promised by Ms De Souza in her letters. MX Properties then began to attempt to communicate with Ms De Souza to ascertain why its transaction had not been completed in good faith. MX's communication attempts fell on deaf ears as Ms De Souza refused to give MX any type of status update concerning the release of its funds. 

Moving forward to the last week in December, MX Properties, Inc still has yet to receive its funds almost six weeks later. MX throughout this six week period pleaded and begged Ms De Souza for any type of status update regarding the transaction. However, not one communication was ever received from Carmen De Souza during this entire frustrating saga.

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All that we ask is that our transaction be completed quite promptly as MX Properties acted in complete good faith and complied with Ms De Souza's 16/11/2016 letter.